There are many benefits to craniosacral therapy. This therapy can help relieve pain, anxiety, trauma, stress, social anxiety. Migraines, inflammation, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, recovery for surgery and injury, pregnancy and delivery, birth trauma can be helped. The nervous systems can be restored to balance. Creative and learning performance can be enhanced.


The BENEFITS of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and other modalities on this website can be experienced firsthand--if you are thinking of the resolution of pain or physical or emotional trauma, improving good existing Health, enhancing creative work and many other applications and would like to talk to me or make an appointment, give me a call or contact me on my contact page.

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If you are in San Diego area you can work with me in person, or we can do effective additional distance work.

Everyone can benefit from Craniosacral Therapy, whether they would like to improve their existing Health, or need to create more ease and mobility, less pain or stress, recover from injury, trauma and/or balance the system. Craniosacral Therapy has been found to be effective for all ages and many unbalanced conditions including chronic pain, sensory processing disorders and memory loss. Craniosacral can also enhance the creative work of artists, writers, performers, and students' learning. Moms and babies, children, teens and adults benefit greatly from Craniosacral Therapy to restore the body to its best potential. Older people often find more energy and fluidity.

In difficult times Craniosacral Therapy can foster
deep relaxation and stress resolution, allowing the healthy as well as compromised system to move toward better potential and ease.

 I just feel so much better after easing up in a session. J.T.

Young people often need support in their rapid growth and changes, physically and emotionally. Many circumstances for teens are overwhelming and difficult and support can be key in getting through and enjoying young years. In my work with young people as a teacher, especially in Theatre, I knew that they often felt as if they carried a huge weight on their shoulders, thinking that they could solve the problems of the world--it can be a wonderful and fearful time....and then there's always the burden and thrill of romance. School is demanding and extra activities-sports, the arts, all leave little time to just be, enjoy, and rest now and then. All these, along with social anxiety and shyness can be eased as the nervous systems are calmed with cranio work and help with self-regulation, and stress management skills.

I don't feel as shy and scared with friends at school as I used to.  N.M.

My work with Mrs. Behrends has helped me to calm down, focus, and change how I feel about high school. B.K.

Because this work can build health in the brain and the nervous systems, it can prevent and resolve chronic pain, including muscle aches, stiffness, neck and shoulder pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, and  inflammation.

and other anxiety and stress related problems respond well to cranial work, as does Autism, ADHD, and other Sensory Processing Disorders.  For information regarding Sensory Processing Disorder, go to my other website,

Injuries and recovery from surgeries can be addressed, and even those that happened long ago can still have an impact on us and craniosacral work can help.

I'm feeling much less fuzzy now several weeks after my surgery. I couldn't get past that feeling until CST seemed to regulate my body back to normal, away from pain and the strange reaction to the experience. MB

With mothers and babies, craniosacral is outstanding in alleviating many conditions related to
pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. And in a great optimum birth, all levels of the birth process are eased with craniosacral help and support. A perfect combination is to have a Doula, a craniosacral therapist, and perhaps an acupuncturist (to more naturally ease pain) involved during the actual birth. After the baby is born, both mom and child can hugely benefit from balancing their systems with CST. see Biodynamic and Upledger Craniosacral in Articles